Remedial Courses

Adult Remedial Class

Class time is a total of 8 hours of actual instruction time (breaks not included). All registrants should plan on arriving by 7:35 am to sign paperwork and be seated in the classroom. You will be expected to sign in before class begins and sign out at class completion. No one will be admitted into class after the start time.

Have the following information ready when you arrive to register on the day of class:
Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of birth, Driver's License Number. Bring a PHOTO I.D.

In-class participation is a significant part of the program. There will be lectures, videos, and interaction. Those that do not participate may not receive their certificate. There is a test at the end of the day. You will be expected to pass according to state guidelines to receive your certificate. (All necessary information will be covered in class)

The course maybe be taken once every three years and not more than 3 total times for BMV purposes.

This course is appropriate for you if your Court/BMV paperwork specifies ADULT REMEDIAL COURSE, you received your suspension as an adult (over 18), or you received your suspension under 18 but are now over 18.

If unsure whether the course is right for you, please call our office: 740-349-7946.

Lunch is your responsibility.

Call to register 740-349-7946

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